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Approximately 75%-90% women in the western hemisphere wear a bra. The principal reason for wearing a bra is to support the breasts for the wearer’s comfort. A bra is also worn to enhance the breasts or to minimize attention in some cases. The bra industry has come a long way as there are various types of bras for petite to plus size women. A popular bra type is a push up bra.

What is a Push Up Bra?

A push up bra is specifically designed for lifting the breasts and giving them a perkier and rounder shape. Source any lingerie shop including the women plus size lingerie section, and there’s likely a myriad of designs, materials, colours and prints of bras. Women of various shapes and sizes veer toward this type of bra to emphasize cleavage thereby making the breasts appear fuller. Big women gravitate to plus size push up bra to lift their breasts and for their clothes to fit better. Well then, is a push up bra considered a plus size women’s sexy lingerie? Of course!



Push Up Bra Technology

A push up bra is fitted with some type of “bra” technology that is built into the bra’s cups. It would seem that the underwiring is the lifting mechanism but the shape and cut of the bra cups also give a push up bra its uniqueness. Push up bras for plus size apparel are usually padded with inserts that look like small pillows which actually push the breasts up for that extra cleavage. Some styles of plus size lady lingerie push up bras are padded with inserts of either water sacks or silicone for the natural feel and look of breasts. The additional plastic or metallic underwiring definitely adds more support under the breasts more so for big girl lingerie.

Before trooping to the big women’s lingerie section for a bra, it is a must to get the exact measurement of the buyer. The proper way to determine the cup size is to measure under the armpits and over the fullest tip of the breasts. Then measure at the rib cage just below the breasts. Subtract the two measurements where the

difference is the cup size. An inch difference is cup A, a two-inch difference is cup B and so. This also applies to big size push up bra.

Wearing well-fitting lingerie such as a matching bra and underpants is sexy! Browse through our plus size women’s sexy lingerie to see out array of sexy push up bra and matching panties.